How we work

We make our processes clear, so keeping you in control of your projects. NNC Services adheres to industry best practice to ensure that your project is scoped, documented, managed and implemented effectively.

  • We sign standard Framework Agreements and NDAs with all of our partners.
  • The NNC Services team does not interact directly with your customer unless we decide this together.
  • NNC Services will allocate a dedicated Account Manager for your Agency.
  • Your Agency will need to designate internal Project Managers/Contact Persons for each project/customer we handle together.
  • The Account Manager will work directly with your team to analyze collaboration opportunities and build proposals for each customer.
  • Each of the projects subcontracted to us, will have a dedicated Project Manager to make sure activities and set targets are achieved.



  • Step 1: Initial Consultation & Current Status Audit
  • Step 2: Competitive Analysis
  • Step 3: Detailed Custom Proposal of Activities for Your Customer
  • Step 4: Custom Setup of Social Media Accounts (or Revision if already existent)
  • Step 5: Roll Out Activities Agreed Upon with Your Customer
  • Step 6: Every 3 months or earlier we have an extensive workshop to strategically analyze results on project and re-assess plan if needed.



  • Basecamp – We use Basecamp for project-related task management and client communications. We set up a Basecamp site at the beginning of each client engagement.
  • Google Docs – For reviewing and collaborating on texts/documents; for spreadsheets in list building/database development processes.
  • Weekly / Bi-Weekly Key Metrics Reports – Each week, you will receive by email an update on what we are doing for your customers. We decide together on the format and KPIs to monitor.
  • Monthly Timesheets – At the end of the month, you receive a detailed timesheet with activities and time spent on each by our specialists

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